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Business App More stages on LifeCycle




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Can you add Past Clients or make it so we can customize it, please?


Screenshot 2022 12 20 at 8.58.53 AM
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Hello Derek, thank you for your feedback. We understand that business processes can vary from organization to organization, so it's important to customize the lifecycle to fit your specific needs. Business process aside, it is also common for companies to have a stage for marking customers as "Churned" or "Past Clients."

However, currently, the product team is prioritizing the development of a new contact-first CRM experience, which will also make the data model becoming more extensible, scalable, and flexible, especially for lifecycle stages. While we are unable to make improvements to the current CRM experience at this time, we hope that the new CRM, which is scheduled for release in 2023, will be able to meet your needs.

If you are interested in learning more about our new CRM, feel free to book a time with me here!

@gabrieltsoi I'd also like to customize to steps in the pipeline of the Sales and Success Center to better reflect our process. It says in the training videos (not sure exactly which one, but I guess I could go back and should be in the Sales and Success Center training modules though)...that you can add additional steps in the pipeline and/or rename steps. I can't seem to do it. Is this a feature no longer available or am I misunderstanding or missing something

@MissingLink Yes, we do support customizing pipeline stages today.
Here's a resource article on this, and you can find the instruction under the section "Create a New Pipeline Stage":

@gabrieltsoi Thank You...I now have a pipeline for me and my team that reflects the actually stages I expect them to go through with each Prospect to Profit opportunity...



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That is great news and can't wait it's really needed.