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My team at brandSuite is currently developing a website to represent the Business App and be able to sell it. Our website is under construction but here is what our store page currently looks like (

Our website is built entirely on WordPress (my background in it is quite advanced). Currently, we have to embed the marketplace towards the bottom, where it looks out of place and isn’t customizable.

I’m typing to see if a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin could be created to sync with Vendasta Partners. It would sync all packages, products, and the data of both into WooCommerce. When checkouts happen, it could use existing APIs to transfer the WooCommerce fields into parameters which will be sent to the API urls for Vendasta. Let me outline the benefits of this from the top of my head:

  • WooCommerce is used by over 43,000,000 websites and more than 28% of all online stores are powered by WooCommerce
  • It’s in the top 5 most used WordPress Plugins
  • It allows customization of invoices, carts, checkouts, and more
  • Allows for a promotion engine
  • Allows various payment methods
  • Allows for promotion codes and offers
  • Could be integrated with other WP Plugins to implement Automatic Sales Commission 
  • Could be integrated with other WP Plugins to create Affiliate/Referral programs that automatically check purchases
  • It can be customized to match any brand’s colors, logos, and typography
  • Other products a Vendasta Partner sells can continue to be sold on WooCommerce allowing a truly unified shop

AND: best of all, WooCommerce will integrate perfectly with any WordPress website, and supports all the major visual builders (Elementor, Divi, WPBakery, etc.).

Now, this could seem like a complex project, but it really isn’t. I could build it myself or hire a developer, but that takes up time and money. With Vendasta, your team is truly far more experienced in this realm and would be able to work far more efficiently. Most importantly, then this could be used by many other partners.

Best of all, this already used to exist and I’ve used it! I used it for a week or two to test, unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut for implementation as it lacked many things and was buggy. It’s been removed from the WP Plug-ins Repository, however, this directory still has information on it: .

This has been a long message but I’d really love to see this come through, and I’m sure many Partners once they discover this thread would agree! I hope the specifics help, and I’d love to speak to someone at Vendasta if it would help in the process! Let me know!