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Website Pro Installing custom SSL certificates in Website Pro




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Hello Team,

We have a feature request for Website Pro Product and this seems to be the most valuable feedback that we can consider.

Installing a Custom SSL certificate is not possible in Website Pro as our Website service just supports wordpress nothing other than, so that is the problem. Can we implement a feature that supports Installing Custom SSL Certificates in Website Pro? I believe this would require Cpanel access in most cases, But is there a way that we can implement this feature in an innovative way?

As This eliminates bringing moving our existing clients with vetted organizations for eCommerce into Website Pro - Advised by Our Partner (Growth Squad).

Kind Regards,
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Thanks for the great feedback. 

All Website Pro sites are automatically provisioned a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate once the customers domain is migrated into WebsitePro.

@jrenwick Appreciate the response, but this doesn't really provide a solution. The Let's Encrypt SSL does not allow for organization vetting, hence the reason we could use the added feature of custom SSL certificates.



Thanks for the additional context. While we don't have a current ETA for this enhancement we have captured the feedback for future consideration. If there are any other details you would like to share regarding this request please do!

@jrenwick Thank you, no worries, I understand this requires a great deal of work. Just another point I'd like to add, custom SSLs, especially EV/OV ones offer an additional level of trust to the end user and come with a warranty in the event there's an issue on the Certificate Authority's end.