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Features that would help the workflow & sales process




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*User creation should NOT be seperate from a Account contact. You should simply have a check box in account contact that says “Activate as a user” and maybe a accordian drop down for any additional information needed. This will cut down on time, and the redundency is counter intuative.

  • A form widget would be HUGE!!! Right now, I have to install hubspot on my website to capture information if I want a prospect to schedule a consultation. Yes, the snapshot report widget is nice, but if someone is a new entrepreneur then they won’t have any business information for the report to generate. If you’re an agency selling logo creation and website development, then obviously you will have customers whom do not have an established business. I need a form builder to be able to collect their contact information and then redirect them to a online appointment booking tool to set up their free consultation.

I have alot more suggestions, but these two are hindering workflow… and not having a basic form widget is forcing me to have to have hubspot CRM. And it’s getting a bit crazy to try to manage contacts from two different systems. If you had a hubspot integration, then that would help, or the simple form widget.

Also, the task manager does not automatically generate “account contacts”, so this tells me that the data is not displaying properly. I added task manager to a customers account, and it does not display on their customer center, so they are not seeing the notes on any work we do.

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Great post Vanessa. I know that similar conversations are happening in the community. Being able to customize fields and start campaigns in SSC with the option of not running a Snapshot would be great.