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Marketplace Additional Functions for Customizing Category




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Hi Team, can we make this works? This is suggestion from our valuable client. We would really appreciate it.

(starting message from client)

"There are about 120 packages that I need to organize in the store in order to open my doors when the website is completed on March 10th. Vendasta only offers a GUI-based "drag and drop" way of assigning folders to do that. There is no programmatic way to organize them by price or category. Any basic database ought to have that organizing feature. Even a rudimentary spreadsheet allows sorting and assigning of classes of categories. Worse, the only option I have, to drag and drop feature, does not work for any package that is at the top of my screen because the actual folders are off my screen to the bottom, and when I have grabbed the package and drag it downwards toward where they are off screen, the screen will not scroll with me, so I cannot complete the task.

So, the programming failure is two-fold:

1) I would suggest to sort and select products by price, vertical market, or function.

2) The graphic user interface, that is your solution for organizing packages, do not work on my Windows 10, Dell laptop with a touch screen and touchpad. If a package is at the top of the list of 120 packages, and I grab it and try to drag it to the folders below, my screen will not scroll down with my drag, so it is impossible for me to organize the store, even doing it using this tedious manual method. Even if it worked, I would still have to consult a separate price sheet to know what the cost was in order to sort the products by price within the folders."

(closing message from client)

My Additional recommendation aside from client's suggestion

3) Multi Selection Drag / Add Category Element via typing the name or select multiple options

Thank you so much Team!

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Hi Maria, thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback. We're going to be working hard this year on making the store setup experience better, and assigning packages & products to categories fits right into this.

Any changes in this area won't be available right away however, as we're working through some other initiatives first, including improvements to our recurring payments, streamlined order forms, and an easier way to sell individual products.

If you would like to book some time with me to discuss this further, please message me directly and we can set something up.



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That's great! Thank you so much Levi!