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Business App [Solved] Better product white-label customization




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Currently it would seem that it is only possible to customize the name and icon of a product.

This customization becomes void when you can't customize the product banner under "My Products" in the business app - especially when you have renamed and created your branded icons, only to then have a banner that doesn't fit your brand and often has the "white-label" products original name on.

I then tried to remove the "My Products" tab and only have the direct link product tabs on the left side bar on the business app, and this isn't possible to remove either.

If I could remove that, this would at least be a temporary solution. I also find that, the "My Products" menu item is a little obsolete, as my clients very often only have a few products, so there is no need for an extra tab for an overview of 2-4 products.


Hi James,
Thank you so much for requesting a feature and apologies for the late response. We have a solution exactly for this: Translate and Customize. You can customize/white-label every single text on Business App and Vendasta Foundational Products such as Reputation, Listing Builder, Social Marketing. To learn more about the feature go to
If you need more help, please contact your PDM and request a demo.

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Just repeating what Mukul said above! 🙂 We have this ability today! Check it out:



Is it possible to change the product banner? I agree with James that the white label for products is essentially defeated if you can't change your product banner to match your branding.