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Business App As a Partner Admin i would like to reset passwords for business users




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As a partner admin user, I would like the ability to override and set a new password for any business user.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace provide the ability for admins to set new passwords for users.


Example Use case
Reset the password for an employee that has left an organization, either to secure it or give access to management.

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Thank you for the very well-described feature request.
The ability to set a password for another user is a feature that Vendasta's security team recently removed for a number of reasons:
- It protects users' privacy and ensures only the intended user has access to their account.
- Some potential marketplace vendors require it (and email verification).
- Users clicking approve on order or proposal can be counted as an electronic signature only if it is not possible for someone else to have access to their account without their knowledge.

To view the system as another user it is recommended that you use the impersonation feature. That allows for audit logs to have more specific knowledge and lock out a few sensitive features.

For your use case, if you don't want to delete the user who left your organization you can change the email id and assign it to someone else by following these simple steps.

  • In the Partner Center, go to Businesses -> Users 
  • Select the user you want to change the email id for by clicking in the kebab menu and then "Edit User"
  • Change the name and email id and click on "Update user"
  • Through the same kebab menu click on "Resend Welcome Email"

The new email id holder will receive an email to set their password and can continue using the Business App.

Hope this answers your question. Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions.