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Website Pro [Solved] Any chance of building with Elementor




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Our agency builds in WordPress using Elementor and I'm wondering if we have to retrain our team or if there might be any chance in the future that Elementor will be an option instead of Divi for WordPress website page builders? 

Not sure what you mean.
If you are an agency then you are the ones building the sites so you are free to use any builder you like.

I use Elementor with their product. That was my first question too. 🙂

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Hey Douglas! As long as your agency is building the websites, you are free to use whatever plugins you like! Website Pro includes the Divi builder but there is no obligation to use it for your builds.

Any web pages built by our Marketing Services team use Divi, but if this is a big sticking point there is probably something our team could work out! 

I did some quick asking around and you are working with my colleague Ben; I'll make sure you have the info you need!

Thanks, Jon! Our web team echos Jon's comments above.

Though our templates do come preinstalled with Divi, some of the sites we see ordered are requesting the use builders like Elemntor, WPBakery, Oxygen, etc.. Website Pro uses WordPress as the CMS so any builder compatible with WordPress will work. We do always recommend cleaning up and removing unused themes and builders when changing from Divi to make sure your website has a clean backend and removes any unnecessary bloat.

All great info! Thanks Mark!



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Thanks for the answers! I am aware that if we use Vendastas hosting we can use whatever page builder we like. I was just curious if there was any flexibility on Vendasta side to fulfill in Elementor instead of DIVI... This would mean our team could jump in as needed in a familiar environment, make updates, incorporate Elementor add-ons that we have already purchased etc.

I was also wondering about the flip side: if WE build a site in Elementor on Vendastas hosting, would Vendasta be able to fulfill the future creation of additional landing pages, post blogs or make other updates later on?



Also, I just saw your other not/question. I was told they can build out with Elementor for an additional $100 extra (not set in stone but he was saying roughly around that for a website build and not per page from my recollection) I haven't used their services yet, but hoping that is truly the case. Not sure that this helps, but message back if you want to speak with the person that said that pricing as an approximate guess. 

I'd love that person's info... Just messaged ya!