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Business App Ability to Add Third Party Scripts




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This is something that I REALLY need, borderline absolutely need.  The fact that we cannot add any type of tracking to our apps and/or storefront is pretty disappointing, especially for so many of these items there are no built-in options, and are basics of some of the things we are trying to sell to our customers.  


Some basic use cases for Scripts that I would use on day one:

Analytics:  We need to see how our users are navigating our stores and what products resonate with them.  What products have a higher conversion rate, where do we get any drop off's, and the 100+ other things that you can get out of a good analytics profile.  


Support Desk - We use ZenDesk, much like Vendasta does to make sure that our customer's questions get answered by the correct person and we also maintain a record of those questions and interactions for business purposes.  Rather than having to backchannel all of the support requests outside of the business app either through our main site, the knowledge base, or email we could easily add a web widget in our dashboard.  This is similar to nearly any support option out there. 


Advertising - This one is the craziest to me because there are so many opportunities left out every day.  If we could pixel our stores we could run conversion campaigns and leverage the smartest AI's in AdTech to find more and better customers for our businesses, which would also get more sales for Vendasta.  We could run re-targeting campaigns for people that visit our store to stay top of mind and complete their purchases.  


There are hundreds of tools out there that just allowing us to do something like adding Google Tag Manager would allow us to internally do what so many of us go out and tell other companies they should do.  




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This would be amazing!