Vendasta Foundational Products Certification

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About Foundational Products Certification 


In this certification you will: 

→ Explore the Modern Customer Journey and transform the way consumers interact with your clients’ brands by targeting customers at every touchpoint
→ Learn how to easily navigate Marketplace: search, add, sell existing, and create your own products.
→ Become a professional in bundling products strategically, learn about recommended packages, and how to build your own.
→ Dive deep into each Vendasta Foundational Product and discover how to use it in the most efficient way.

Step 1: The Customer Journey

You will understand the digital marketing stack and how to solve all potential customers’ problems with one set of solutions for every step of the customer journey.

Step 2: Learn about Marketplace

Vendasta’s Marketplace is home to over 200 products and services that cater to the world’s most common small and medium businesses’ needs. 

You will learn how to: easily navigate Marketplace; search, add, sell products, and create your own products.

Step 3: Package Digital Products with Vendasta 

Agencies that bundle products and services rather than sell them individually will quickly see higher client retention and higher profitability. You will learn:

–  Why bundling products is important;
–  What strategies you can use to bundle effectively;
– How to use Vendasta recommended packages;
– How to build your own packages.

Step 4: Set Up Your Store

You will learn how to build and operate your online Store, and integrate your existing products into your Store.


Step 5: Dive Deep in each Vendasta Foundational Products

Discover Vendasta Foundational Products and how to work with them in the most efficient way. You will learn about:
– Advertising Intelligence;
– Listing Management;
– Reputation Management & Customer Voice;
– Website Pro;
– Social Marketing.

Step 6: Complete Final Assessment and Get a Certificate

By the end of the Certification you will be taken to test your knowledge. After completing final assessment you will become  Certified Partner in Vendasta Foundational Products.

Available April 1, 2023

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