Boot Camp

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Learn how to package for profit, navigate the platform, and prove your performance to clients in this three week boot camp brought to you by Vendasta sales and marketing experts.

About Boot Camp

This program will guide you through the 5 P’s on the Path from Prospect to Profitability. What does that mean?

Through this three week, intensive program we set you up to use the platform to generate revenue immediately. This strategy follows the 5 P’s; Product, Prospect, Pitch, Payment and Proof of Performance. Week one you will attend workshops, learn the theory and functionality of our platform, from the basics of ‘what do I sell’ to operational procedures like ‘how do I send an invoice”?

In weeks two and three, you will be tasked with using the platform to the fullest. You will create Snapshot Reports, send email campaigns, design automations, and prospect to your ideal customer. 

Day One: Product

  • Go-to-Market Strategy: Explore the Marketplace and learn what packages we recommend you take to market
  • Partner Center: Learn how you can use the platform as the base of your sales and marketing operations (and automations).

Day Two: Prospect

  • Learn best practices for how to pick a niche and how to find prospects in that niche
  • Explore our #1 prospecting tool – The Snapshot Report – and start the conversation with prospects

Day Three: Pitch

  • Explore the customer journey, and align your products with the customer journey to maximize impact
  • Open the door to elevate your pitch by learning how to use our tool Proposal Builder inside
    Sales and Success Center

Day Four: Platform

  • Master your own online presence and explore our marketing automation tool to help your clients master theirs
  • Learn how and where your clients can interact with both you and your products right inside the Vendasta platform

Day Five: Proof of Performance

  • Dive into the metrics you should be leaning into to understand how your agency is performing
  • Learn how you can use the Executive Report and Business App to prove your value to clients

Weeks Two and Three

  • The goals for weeks two and three of the program are to bring everything you’ve learned full circle with your current and potential customers at the center
  • We will identify and add prospects into Partner Center, work through Snapshot Reports together,  customize an email campaign to bring your pitch together, and present your value to your new, potential customers

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