Episode 2: The Lighthouse Client

In this Think Tank, you will be introduced to a strategy called The Lighthouse Client. This episode will empower you to:
→  Leverage the concept of the lighthouse client and target quality leads
→  Understand and activate your niche market
→  Elevate your perceived authority in one specialized area

? Try it Yourself
Use the X-Y-Z framework to find your X, Y, and Z. Use the ease, fit, differentiation exercise to find your lighthouse client. Share your findings in the Conquer Local Academy Group.

Think Tank Resources
PDF: XYZ Framework | Social Amplification Engine | Access Checklist | Topic Wheel Template | Qualifying Specialists One Pager
Doc: Statement of Work | Client Contract Template
Form: Strategy GCT Intake
Sheet: Content Library Template
Presentation: Success Tracker
Blog Post: Eureka! How to Generate Leads Using the Lighthouse Client Strategy

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