517: Everyone has a Seat at the Table of Culture | Paul Epstein – Part 2

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Get ready for the second part of the 2-part series with Paul Epstein. The main takeaway for this episode is the Head, Heart, and Hands equation. As you go through your day, pay attention to those decisions that either your head or heart aren’t on board with. Then dive deeper into why one or the other isn’t fully committed to the decision to either stop the action or move forward and let your hands get into action. At one point, there was passion, drive, and genuine enthusiasm for any idea. So, how do we reconnect to get to the original purpose point? Crack the code of purpose- logically repurpose the vision or goal to get your head behind the cause or create a new story around it so your heart can reignite.
To quote Paul, “life began when I started to live life on purpose.”

Paul is the host of The Playmakers Podcast: ON PURPOSE – It’s an all-access pass to a purpose-centered tribe of leaders in business, sports, and life who are on a mission of meaning and impact. The show takes purpose from an out-of-reach North Star to a practical and tactical exploration of how we can step into each day, ON PURPOSE, where life no longer happens “to us” it begins to happen “for us.” You’ve talked about being focused on interviewing people with a “full trophy case” tell us a little more about this methodology and the Podcast. Paul has installed his “Playing Offense” playbook with professional sports organizations, Fortune 500 leadership teams, Chief People Officers, MBAs, and professional athletes to live and lead with greater purpose, performance, and impact.

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