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? Water Cooler Wednesday [Remains at 3:00PM EST]

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Hello, Water Cooler Wednesday'ers!

Short Story: Water Cooler Wednesday will remain at 3:00PM EST

Long Story: Daylight savings recently ended and most of Nothern America went an hour back- however, Saskatchewan's time didn't change.

Why am I announcing this?

Some of you were aware of this time change and were joining earlier (thank you for this consideration!). We will be honoring the 3:00PM EST time to accommodate your schedules.

Keep crushing it- highly looking forward to seeing you all next week! ?

Ps. Here is your link to join: Water Cooler Wednesday

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Cathy Poturny
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so, where is the link to join? it's like trying to find Jesus... I know it's there but I can't see it


Lauretta Peters
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Hey Cathy! If you hover over 'Water Cooler Wednesday' in Bret's link posted above, you should be able to click and join the meet! But here's the link for you as well if it helps!