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? Deadline extended!! ? LOCAL IMPACT AWARDS ?

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Hello everyone, 

Did you hear the exciting news at Conquer Local Connect last month?? ? Vendasta has launched its very own awards program ?

We are so excited to celebrate you, our amazing partners, vendors, and companies who use innovative digital technology solutions and strategies to help local businesses around the world succeed in our augural Local Impact Awards! 

The application window is officially open now through to June 10!

The awards will shine a spotlight on some of the greatest success stories of experts helping local businesses through six categories:


? Conquer Local Ambassador Award

This one is for you, Conquerors! This award recognizes an outstanding Community contributor and achiever in the Conquer Local Community and Academy. The Ambassador leverages the Academy, the Community, and other Conquer Local resources to grow as a leader. They engage other members to find solutions, share knowledge, build connections, and drive interest and excitement around the ecosystem.

Apply yourself or nominate a shining start in the Conquer Local community! 


? Client Success Award -This award recognizes local experts who have provided exceptional service to an SMB client utilizing digital technology.


⭐️ Innovation Award -This award recognizes forward-thinking companies that have harnessed the power of the latest technologies to achieve business success. 


 ? Strategy Excellence Award -This award is for developing or refining a scalable, repeatable strategy or process to drive growth and engagement.


? Partner of the Year Award (Open to Vendasta partners only) -This award recognizes a Vendasta partner for the growth of their business. 


? Vendor of the Year Award (Open to Vendasta Marketplace vendors only) -This award recognizes a Vendasta Marketplace vendor for providing innovative products and solutions, showcasing a strong commitment to Vendasta and Vendasta’s partners. 


We can't wait to hear your stories and celebrate your success. Winners will be announced during a virtual awards celebration at a Conquer Local Connect virtual event in June 2022!