523: Lead Generation through Podcasting | Collin Mitchell

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You need to approach lead generation through podcasting as you would anything in life: ignore the myths surrounding quick gratification, stumbling across millions of listeners, and easy monetization. It takes time, and you need to invest in these channels and have patience. We are bringing the expert—Collin Mitchell, Chief Revenue Officer at Salescast. Collin shares a few key insights; Be mindful about your ads; if you focus too much on monetization, installing programmatic ads that don’t appeal to your audience, you may lose your audience. Being strategic about your ads will allow you to maintain the integrity of your show and build a brand while earning an income to grow. Collin also goes through the fundamentals of podcasting, but the one thing we want to highlight is SEO. Care about your show notes, titles, and the name of your podcast. Put yourself in the mind of your audience. What would they be searching? What are they typing? Use those keywords and establish some good stories and hooks surrounding it.

Collin’s first Sales Job was at 22, then VP of Sales at 24, and Founder at 25. After that, he and his wife started their first company which5 which grew to 5M ARR in 26 months. Collin is a 4X Founder passionate about Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting! He is the Co-Founder of Salescast and Host of Sales Transformation. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife, four kids, and a new puppy!

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