525: Building Connections With Your Customer | Todd Duncan

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Todd Duncan, one of the most sought-after coaches, a New York Times bestselling author with over 17 books, and was a top 1% Loan Originator financing over 5,000 transactions in 12 years is our guest this week on the Conquer Local Podcast. Todd shares his wisdom with us on building connections with your customer to get past that filter the buyers have and we can do that by transferring the spotlight from us to them. Make the sale about the buyer, and trust will follow. It’s about connection, and not only building connections but emotional connections. Most people focus on cost, ROI, sales decks, which matter but focusing solely on these things is a great way to get lost in the mass of emails, cold calls, and other talking heads.

Todd Duncan is the founder and CEO of the Todd Duncan Group the most s 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Todd Duncan’s New York Times bestselling book, “High Trust Selling.” It’s his life mission to reach and impact the lives of every mortgage professional in the industry through his proven method of High Trust Selling. Todd Duncan is a transformative speaker, presenting solutions for the real-life challenges that allow you to walk away with a vision, confidence, and a plan to get more out of your business and life! His mantra is, “you can make a living with transactions, but a fortune with RELATIONSHIPS!”

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