★ Congratulation! You have made it to the final module before becoming a BlitzMetrics Certified Digital Marketing Agency ★

In this final module, you will submit a compilation of all the documents you have created throughout this course and continue on to pass the final quizzes to be awarded the Certification. Publish this report as either a blog post, Facebook post, LinkedIn post, or an online portfolio. Please include links to the following completed tasks:

  1. From your Facebook Page, share the link to:
    • XYZ statement.
    • Topic Wheel.
    • First, second, and third 1-min WHY video.
    • First, second, and third 1-min HOW video.
    • Your first, second, and third 1-min WHAT video.
    • A 1-min gratitude video.
  2. From your LinkedIn profile, share the link to:
    • An update that highlights one story written in a style of one sentence per paragraph.
    • An update that demonstrates a story that guides your audiences through a moment in time and expands to related context.
    • An update with one story in video format that highlights your XYZ statement.
    • Someone else’s post to which you have replied with a meaningful comment.
    • Your profile that lists your 50 skills.
    • Three recommendations to your connections.
  3. Share the URL to your Google Drive folder (or open an online project folder) containing screen captures showing that you have followed three people of high authority on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and they are in your Topic Wheel.
  4. Submit a 1-2 minute video analysis of the videos you have posted on social thus far. Why do you think you are getting this number of engagements? Views? Shares? What are your next actions? What have you learned about using video grids to guide your digital marketing?
  5. Share your public store URL to your agency storefront in the Vendasta platform and make sure you offer at least one custom package
    • Share the link to a 1-min video where you talk about your menu in your agency storefront with Vendasta.
  6. When you have completed the steps above, submit this form https://forms.gle/ixJWAtJJ2k35CZdEA to the BlitzMetrics team.

→  Share a link to your capstone project in Dennis Yu’s Think Tank community group
→  Share your capstone project with your accountability group
→  Pass the final quizzes below