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We’re making it easier for you to grow and scale with Vendasta.

Learn more at Conquer Local Connect on Thursday, March 24 – our virtual event series dedicated to helping you sell, market, and fulfill with ease, while delivering an amazing customer experience.

At this Conquer Local Connect event, you’ll hear from our Chief Customer Officer, George Leith. If you know George — and most people do — you know that he is an incredibly powerful presenter. George has been the voice of our Conquer Local podcast since 2016, helping sales leaders, frontline sales professionals, and channel partners drive success.

Join George at Conquer Local Connect where he’s going to deliver some of his industry secrets about taking a prospect from pitch to close to growth. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn best practices for finding customers, overcoming challenges, and setting yourself up for success
  • Get proven strategies that are working right now from business owners who are growing their business with Vendasta
  • Get the inside scoop on upcoming Vendasta releases
  • Connect with your peers and Vendasta experts in the Conquer Local community

Conquer Local Connect March 2022

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Introducing Proposal Builder from Vendasta


Quick Demo: Proposal Builder by Vendasta


Proposal Builder Trusted Tester Panel Q1 2022


Close Prospects, Open Relationships | George Leith


What’s new with Vendasta? Product Updates for Q1 2022


Conquer Local Connect December 2021

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Conquer Local: The role community plays in success

Presented by Colleen McGrath


Why I stopped scheduling meetings — and why you should too

Presented by Roy Pereira


Lessons from the digital chasm

Presented by Jacqueline Cook


T-minus one week

Presented by Shakya Abeywickrama


Marketplace Releases


Conquer Local announcements


Business App Updates


Platform Updates


Conquer Local Connect June 2021

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Watch the sessions from our first Conquer Local Connect event in June, 2021. These sessions will give you the resources and strategies you need to scale your operations, and the tools you need to help local businesses with their digital acceleration.

The Ecommerce Ecosystem

Presented by Brendan King


5 Tactics to Scale

Presented by Gib Olander


Stacking Success: Your Competitive Advantage

Presented by Janessa Yeomans


The Ecommerce Ecosystem



Tactics to Scale



Stacking Success: Your Competitive Advantage



Amazing Stories Case Study


Social Ordeals Case Study


The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency Case Study


Ecommerce and Product Updates


Platform Releases


Marketplaces Releases


Past Speakers

Brendan King
CEO, Vendasta
Janice Christopher
CEO/Queen Bee, The Janice Christopher Marketing Agency
Jeff Tomlin
CMO, Vendasta
George Leith
CCO / EVP of Sales, Vendasta
Chris Montgomery
Founder & CEO, Social Ordeals
Gib Olander
GM Platform, Vendasta
Janessa Yeomans
Director of Vendor Management, Vendasta
Andrew Carson
Success Growth Team Lead, Vendasta
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