Exciting News!

We’ve moved our Academy to provide you with a more streamlined and engaging learning experience.

We want to thank you for your understanding and support during this transition, and hope you will join us at the new Vendasta Academy and continue your learning journey with us.

See you at the new Vendasta Academy!🚀


Why did you decide to migrate to a new Learning Platform?

At Vendasta, we are committed to continually improving your learning journey.  Our decision to transition to a new Learning Platform stems from our commitment to offering you an improved experience. This change ensures that each course completion is accurately recorded, eliminating any past issues. We’re excited to bring you a more reliable and user-friendly platform that empowers you on your learning path.

How will I access the new Academy?

Use the link above or you can conveniently log in using your Google account through Partner Center.

What will happen to my course progress?

While we’re actively exploring options to transfer your current progress to the new platform, please be aware that not all progress may be transferred due to the extensive restructuring that has taken place. This means that you might not see certain completed courses in the new platform.