The marquee event for sales and marketing professionals who help local business clients succeed online.

Count on high calibre, energetic speakers hand-selected to help you grow. Each year we visit a remarkable location in North America, coupling great conference content with memorable experiences—oh, and there’s always a killer party.



Kevin O’Leary

Tiffani Bova

Matt Tennison

Katie Martell

Brendan King

April Dunford

Jeff Tomlin

Neal Polachek

George Leith

Bryan Larson

Jacqueline Cook

Devon Hennig

Jay McBain

Yan Bellerose

Anna Tavares

Brooke Henderson

Ed O’Keefe

Amanda Price

Jeff Folckemer

Kimberli  J. Lewis

Amy Gill

Dennis Yu

Gordon Borrell

Charles Laughlin

Tim Reisterer

Ryan d’Mello

Travis Wright

Greg Sterling

Kevin Lao

Upasna Gautam



said they would most likely attend again


would recommend the conference to a colleague


rated the speakers as excellent


said the conference provided a great return on investment


rated the networking activities as exceptional


“It exceeded my expectations, I going over all of my notes and summarizing all of my takeaways. Looking forward to getting the presentations to review and to re-listen to. This event helped me to learn more about the platform, product offerings that I had not heard of or I had heard of some and had not yet researched what they do.

The Vendasta team was extremely helpful, nice, patient and did everything to make sure that I got the answers that I needed. Everyone was very helpful. This was a great event and the amount of effort that you all put into this was incredible. Thank you!”

Karen Kent

Project Manager, San Diego Media

“Outstanding event! Great content, relationship building, and entertainment. The Vendasta team was so amazing and accommodating.  Thank you for hosting and having us as an exhibitor!”

Danielle Mumma

Enterprise Account Manager, Ninjacat

“I got a lot from the conference and will be there next year”

Roberto Diaz

Owner, Xtreme Websites

“I was impressed with Vendasta employees as to how gracious and personable they were as hosts. The intimate interaction, engagement and personally connecting with the agencies you get an A+.”

Lee Akamine

SEO Strategist, COLAB LLC

“For us, it was the networking in between sessions and at the social events that helped the most. Being able to speak with other agency owners and vendors for best practices and why their solutions were better was the most rewarding aspect of the conference.”

Jack Pires

CEO, SocialJack