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Workshop #3 - Business App Walk-through

This is a walk-through of the client-facing dashboard Business App. In this session, learn how to leverage having a white label dashboard for your clients to manage their tech stack. - How to navigate through the setting up of different components and connecting to different social media platforms - Overview of the executive report, this is the proof of performance report sent to your clients every week/month - Sending text messages within the Business App - Understanding the customer journey tied to express products - Customizing the business app dashboard

Week 2: Setting Yourself up for Success as a Marketing Agency, with Janice Christopher

Week 2: Part two of our four-part series with Janice Christopher from The Janice Christopher Marketing. We will be covering the following: - Review your own marketing presence - Reviewing a local business' website for optimal conversion - How to ensure your t’s are crossed and i’s dotted for your business

Cold Emailing 101, with Jackie Williams

Cold email is simple in concept. It’s an email you send to someone you’ve never met before to start a business relationship. However, to be successful with cold email, you need to understand what cold email isn’t. We will walk through 6 steps you need to know to master cold email. Step 1: Write a great subject line Step 2: Engage your reader with the opening Step 3: Write compelling body copy Step 4: Close with a clear call to action Step 5: Use your signature wisely Step 6: Sending out your emails

Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness, with Ian Jones

Ian Jones, VP of Revenue at Vendasta, will present how to segment your customers and spend your time most efficiently leveraging the Boston Matrix. The Boston Matrix is a tool used to help you gauge the urgency and viability of sales opportunities. In many cases —like inbound prospecting— the matrix gives you insight into potential customers’ interest in your business and where to invest your time with existing customers. Then, it can be used to weigh those factors together and determine how much attention a customer deserves at a given time.

Workshop #8 - Partner Center Walkthrough

This workshop is going to be a walkthrough of the Partner Center Our expert host will show you how to create and manage your client accounts and business users. They will take you through the products and packages within the Marketplace. They will show you how to leverage our Vendasta payments for invoicing and collecting retail payment from your customers and how to activate products.

Workshop #1 - Breaking the Ice: How to communicate instant value to your prospects

The internet has changed how we do business. At Vendasta Technologies, we have codified the customer journey to help IT, Marketers, Value-Added Resellers, and Managed Service Providers. In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of the customer journey and why winning at each stage is essential. We also cover the importance of consultative selling with the Vendasta’s award-winning tool, the Snapshot report.

Workshop #7 - Market your Agency in 4 Simple Steps

In this workshop, we show you how to leverage content to become a lead magnet, engage more businesses and become the local expert that everyone wants to do business with. We help you create a content-based road map of your selling products and services. Our four-point system fills the top of your sales funnel and nurtures them so you can qualify them as your ideal customer.

2022 State of Scheduling | CalendarHero | Product Session

The way businesses engage, meet, and convert customers is changing. Tune into this webinar as we review compelling insights from the appointment & scheduling industry. Find out how online scheduling can support your ecommerce strategy and is an essential tool for any appointment-based business.

Influence Generator

Think Tank ResourcesPDF: Influence Generator Guide: Say Thank You to Build Authority at ScaleBlog Post: How to Tap the Power of ‘Thank You’ and Grow Your Business