Build a Better Advertising Solution With LocalAds

The digital advertising space is complicated, and growing more complicated by the day!  LocalAds is a digital advertising solution created to simplify the digital advertising space. 

In this course, you’ll join Chris Stec with LocalAds to learn all about objective-driven digital advertising, and how better audience targeting leads to more effective digital marketing.


→  Understand the value of objective-driven advertising in the digital advertising landscape
→  Explore each individual campaign & their associated products.
→  Learn how to review campaign performance like a pro and master the path to upsell.

About Instructor

Chris Stec

Chris has been with the LocalAds Team since the beginning (which is about 4 years) and has been working in the Digital Advertising space for almost 10. Chris works behind the scenes and works in between our sales teams and our fulfillment teams, primarily focusing on training and support. He lives in the US in South Carolina with his wife, 4 boys and 3 dogs. Fun Fact- Chris has over a dozen Marvel characters tattooed on his arms.

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  • 2 Modules