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Vendasta Affiliate Program

Ali Fedrau
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Hey everyone! If you haven’t heard, Vendasta has just relaunched its exclusive Affiliate Program! You can earn up to $900 for EACH referral who signs up with Vendasta. Wondering how to get started once you’re accepted? Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you maximize your commissions—fast.

Commission Structure
Depending upon the plan your referral has signed up for, you’ll receive commissions based on the following structure:

Startup Plan: $100/Sign Up
Essentials Plan: $500/Sign Up
Growth Plan: $600/Sign Up
Scale Plan: $900/Sign Up

You’re able to earn up to $900 for each and every referral who signs a plan with Vendasta. There is no minimum number of sales to being earning commission. For a review of Vendasta’s pricing structure, take a peek.

To ensure all of your commissions are attributed to your account, you’ll receive a personalized Affiliate link. Ensure this link is shared whenever you post about Vendasta.

Social Media
This is where you can exercise full creative flexibility! Whether you have an audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email contacts, or any platform you can imagine, you can engage them!

Simply share your love for Vendasta, along with your personalized Affiliate link, and you’ll earn a commission for every signup.

Marketing Collateral
You’re almost ready to get started! If you need some selling points, download our pre-made marketing collateral.

Affiliate Portal
You’ll receive access to your own Affiliate Portal to track every dollar you earn. Updated in real-time, your Portal allows you to instantly access all of your commissions.

Finally, it’s payday!

Click here to apply for Affiliate status!