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Need help! Can you test something for me quick?

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Hey Conquerers! Vendasta's been working on improving our Trial Cancellation flow and have come up with 2 different versions for how it would look and work. We want your feedback!

Here’s a link - we would really appreciate your feedback so that we can make this experience better for more Vendasta partners!

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Just a heads up to the partners who are completing the testing, it is only possible to click on the hotspots on each screen. Hotspots are areas which are highlighted blue upon clicking anywhere on the screen! Since this is a prototype, not every button is linked to work yet 🙂

Additionally, a few of the back buttons are not working as expected so do not worry if it seems like it is broken! 

I would also love to know which of the 2 options you preferred. Please leave a comment with 'A' or 'B' in this comment section. Thank you and have a lovely day! ?

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