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Merchant Services: Recurring Invoices

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Vendasta Partners can now automatically generate, send, and charge invoices for products with recurring subscriptions. Invoices will auto-generate for renewing packages with monthly and yearly frequencies, including packages with custom products.

To configure how an individual account is invoiced for products and services with recurring subscriptions, go to the Products section on the account's page under Partner Center > Businesses > Accounts and click Invoice settings.

Selecting Subscription invoices will cause a draft invoice for the recurring price of a product or service to be created automatically on the day that the product or service renews. If multiple products renew on the same day, they will be included in the same invoice.

And most importantly, by selecting Automatically collect will allow you to automatically send the invoice or charge the amount immediately on the day it is automatically generated.

For more details on how recurring invoices work, read the full article.