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Looking to start a small mastermind group.

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New partner here and I'm looking to start a new mastermind group with maybe 5 to 7 other partners to share ideas and best practices with.

Maybe we meet quickly once a week, or maybe it's once every other week.

I'd prefer a smaller group where we can build trust, install some accountability, and openly share best practices.

Message me if you're serious and can stay dedicated to meeting and contributing.

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Hey Joseph!

From LinkedIn now to the Community! It's great to see you here. We've witnessed great success with partners developing these mastermind/accountability groups and we want to facilitate your search.

I hope to see some responses in the thread here and I also want to invite you to our Watercooler Wednesday webinars. It's a phenomenal medium to have this conversation with other partners- whether it be starting a new group or joining an existing one.

This webinar occurs from 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST every Wednesday. You can join the meeting via this link:

Looking forward to getting this mastermind group going!

Additional info: Here is the Watercooler Wednesday Group in the community