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Freemium, yep and you have it!

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Local Business Online Toolkit, pretty certain most of you have heard this during sales and onboarding sessions, the question is, how much of it are you considering to use to prospect or attain your clients, LBOT was an initiative that Vendasta came up with as soon as the Pandemic struck, these toolkits were designed to help local businesses to continue their services in such an economy, we used to call it Product Led Growth pre-covid, and the whole purpose of this was to have a client use a product before making a commitment to you.

Local Business Online Toolkit consists of:

  • Advertising Intelligence
  • Listing Builder
  • Reputation Management Express
  • Customer Voice Express
  • Social Marketing Express
  • Website Express

Think about the first time, you tried a product or a service, I’m pretty sure, you have signed up for something only if they offered a free trial, I have personally signed up on Netflix and Apple Music because they had a free trial for a month or more, which gives me a sense of ownership and the power to make a decision if I wanted to stay with the company, Vendasta defined product-led growth as “It is completely Product driven and Product-Led Growth is a strategy that relies on using the product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers.” With the current scenario, you want to go out there and offer this with a slightly different approach, of course, you are providing this to help them run their business as this is their bread and butter, you are going out there to support, be the local expert and see them thrive!

Studies have shown that a huge percent of businesses do not churn when they are first given something to try out and see the value of a product, many times customers would be hesitant to pay for something and commit to it without first seeing the value themselves, each of you is given a certain amount of free toolkits, if you go to your partner center, click on the Administration tab and then click into My Plan, you will see how many you have left to give away for free, also keep in mind that when you provide your clients with these toolkits and they upgrade to paying customers, these free products do not get used up but you get them back to your toolkit!

We have many resources, such as white-labeled walkthrough videos to send them over to your clients so they can train themselves and learn how to use them well.