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What is your strategy for inbound leads? (+ sneak peek at our roadmap)

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Hey folks,

Diego again, Director of Product at Vendasta.
I’d like to know:

  • Do you have inbound lead gen as a strategy?
  • If so, what channels do you use and what channels are you planning to adopt next?

I’d like to know more about your use cases as we ramp up our 2020 plan for Inbound Lead Gen enhancements in the Vendasta platform. Feedback there is also appreciated

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I loved learning about Vendasta’s 2020 plan for Inbound Lead Gen enhancements Diego! I think partners will find a lot of value out of the activity tracking for inbound leads. I am also interested in learning about what our partners inbound lead gen strategy is!

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Yes I think this is a great topic that we could all share and come up with ways that will work for us.
I am looking at creating content to drive search traffic to opt-in forms build with the Snapshot widget.
Also I am just beginning to try paid Ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. But still working on figuring out the targeting.