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What advertisements that you ran performed worse than expected?

Erika Polishchuk
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Have you ever run an ad that you thought would perform really well but didn’t? What was it, and what do you think went wrong?

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I have ran tons of ads that I thought would perform, but unfortunately did not. I have experienced issues or set backs when the team didn’t accurately target the right customers. In fact a few times the ‘look alike’ audience on Facebook was completely off, but we didn’t catch it and ended up being a not-so-successful campaign.

I also recently began A/B testing all of my ads… which… I know, I should have always been doing. Getting the hang of it took a little bit, but now my ads are much more successful.

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While we’re improving, I think the reason some of our advertising campaigns fail is because of the Call to Action. It can be tough to figure out exactly what will entice customers to click through.

One thing we’ve recently learned is that the “Learn More” CTA implies that the customer might have to do some work and therefore they are less likely to click through.

What CTAs have worked best for you all?