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Website activity for inbound leads?

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Hey! Would you folks be interested in tracking activity from inbound leads on your website (before they fill out a Snapshot Widget)?

We’re thinking of adding that option in Sales & Success Center as a way to provide better visibility over your leads and understand where they came from (if there are utm parameters we’d also tell whether they came from Google Ads, FB, etc).

Would that help you close more customers?

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I can’t definitely say this will help with sales - but I’m always in favour of more data and insights on customer behaviour.

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This would be an excellent tool to have access to. Understanding where the leads came from would enable us to make adjustments to our outbound strategies too and tell us if our organic and paid reach efforts are, in fact, leading to an increase in website traffic. We have Google Analytics implemented already, but it would be nice to have something similar within SSC that would tell us at a glance how all of our outreach campaigns are performing.