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Start Your Digital Marketing Agency with Dennis Yu: Module 1

Jonathan Lankford
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I want to connect with and learn from others going through the same program without having to sift through the group feeds. So I started this thread. 😉

About Me

I spent 12 years in Asia working with companies and non-profit education institutions before returning home to Nashville, Tennessee. That experience changed my life and is an intimate part of who I am and what TFP Digital is.

My entrepreneurial spirit led me to Southeast Asia to work for myself and dedicate some of my time to charitable causes. While in Asia, I advised businesses on proper communication and working practices with international clients, trained employees in business communication, and lectured at business schools.

For several years, I also enjoyed providing education and academic counseling to young people, and got to see them become successful world-travelers, getting further education and working internationally.

Having left for Asia single, I returned to Nashville with a Vietnamese family who has become my inspiration and motivation for establishing my own business in Tennessee in order to provide for them and give them the opportunity for life in America.

Sharing common sentiment with many other hardworking family-oriented business owners, I know what is most important in life: Tradition, Family, and Property. That’s TFP.

Topic wheel

My topic wheel is not yet complete because I just realized I don't know enough people or haven't contacted them yet about helping me produce content with an interview. I'm now actively building those necessary relationships.

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Hey Jonathan thank you for sharing, my partner and I just started our firm within the last 2 weeks. I am very impressed by your layout and methodology, is this original to you or a tool/exercise from Vendasta? I am just beginning the Season 1 of Conquer local academy.

Sorry my name is Bill Shipley and I am the managing partner of , I look forward to sharing with you.