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Reputation MEME-agement → funniest reviews you’ve seen online

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I’m sure you’ve all come across your share of hilarious reviews with businesses you’ve worked with. Love this one from a local pawnshop:
imageimage960×418 69.5 KB

What are some of the best, meme-worthy reviews you’ve seen?

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Here’s a hilarious article.

Love this:

I’ve definitely come across my share of crazy online reviews when working with local businesses. Probably the most entertaining aspect of owning a marketing agency.

Paige Sutherland
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This one’s pretty funny, but this poor business obviously didn’t deserve this review!

This probably wasn’t the best way to respond, either. The business should have asked this reviewer to come in and try for themselves and hopefully turn that 1-star review into 5!

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This one is an oldie but a goodie. Any time I think about purchasing a giant beach ball, I know that I can head to Amazon.

Rina Bindi
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Hhahhahahahaha! Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had in days.