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My Module 1 Checklist

Demetrius Dowdell
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Hello Everyone,

I figured I would share here as a way to hold myself accountable to complete the process. Here are my answers:

Digital Agent Strengths & Weaknesses:


1. I am always eager to learn, adapt, and change.

2. I’m old enough to remember traditional marketing but young enough to relate to digital marketing.

3. I’m intelligent and a deep thinker.


1. I have a lot of responsibility so I have little time, which affects my motivation at times.

2. At 40 years old, everything going on in my life provides a distraction and hurts my focus.

3. I despise redundancy (but I also recognize it’s importance in building a successful business).

Topic Wheel:


1. Providing for my family.

2. Goals for personal success.

3. I love to help others.


1. How digital marketing works and is necessary.

2. Why some businesses fail during times of hardship.

3. Giving consumers what they want.

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Hey Demetrius,

thank you for sharing and like you stated accountability is key. I think your insights are great and the fact that you laid it all out, will allow you to address and strengthen the areas you define. Systems are key in a business. As Dennis said if you cant walk away from your biz for 30 days and still have it operational, then you work for yourself versus owning a business. Systems are great for continuity of operations and system redundacy.