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[Sticky] Introduce yourself here! ?

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New partner as of last week.

 ? Shout out to Trevor Ash for such a great first impression to Vendasta.

Also, thanks to George Leith for all that he does to make me more successful.  We've never met, but George hosts a podcast and has all kinds of online training just for me I think. ? 

In all seriousness, glad to be here and looking forward to learning all I can from those of you before me.

- Joseph

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Hello everyone.  Steve deGuzman here in Colorado.  I have recently signed up with Vendasta and look forward to learning how to maximize ROI in my network.  I am specifically focusing PropTech and would like to connect with those in that space.  ☕ 

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Hey all, Hardik here from WotNot.

I recently signed up to Vendasta to check out the whitelabel offering and see if a no-code chatbot platform would make sense as a feature/product to all agency folks here. 


Lead gen is such a important thing these days, and adding a small bot may add more value. 

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Hi, my name is Kenny Bermudez, my background is in engineering where I have worked for more than 20 years in different corporate roles which I have enjoyed and had the chance to travel extensively through the worlds. I have always wanted to have my own business and be an entrepreneur where I can be my own boss and be able to share my working experiences with those who could benefit from my professional background. This is the reason I have join Vendasta as I see they have a great marketing platform and the number of tools and resources they have are tremendous resources. My ultimate goal is to open my own digital agency (Very soon) and be able to help other to be succesful. Most imprtantly be able to have some good quality time with my family as time goes on. Very excitied to meet fellow Vendasta entrepreneurs. 

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@KennyB Hi Kenny, it is great to see you here at Vendasta.  I joined last month and took park (finished?) the Bootcamp that just ended on Friday, April 28th.  There's another one in two weeks so maybe I'll see you there. Bootcamp

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Hello my name is Dan Bradley. I have been a partner for a year, and only recently started taking advantage of the conquer local academy. I was like the driver that entered thier drstination into the gps only to go thier own way and hit a traffic jam ignoring the wisdom held in the maps app. I've been stuck in traffic long enough. So here i am now. 

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I have been blogging on the Blogger Platform for years now, and I'm hoping I'll be able to conquer the issue of  articles like the Epic Games own I just tag not being indexed with your help. Sanjay, you can do something. I feel it.

Anyways, I like writing and cooking a lot. I love bold and loyal girls with money. Money is the, right?

I love being around people who have a good heart. I want to learn more about having a big heart

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