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Sales & Success Center Install tracking codes in Business App backend

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Hey mates,

I was wondering if any of you would know if it's possible to install tracking codes in the Business App backend to monitor conversions etc from FB ads, Affiliate programs, and more. Kind of a FB pixel.


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Hey thanks for this request. Makes really good sense to be able to track conversions and usage right in Business App. If we made it possible for you to connect Google Tag Manager to Business App, which can then allow for you to setup Google or Facebook Ads tracking via Tag Manager, among other things, would that work for your use case?  Just discussing this idea with the team.

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Hey Josh,

That would be a great starting point. Yes.

Shawn Hodgson
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This would be great. Another area that could be helpful would be the online store and having a tracking code to see what products people are viewing most often, etc. 

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I've been harassing Justin for this for a while.

YEEEEES! I NEED THIS. I just need some sort of analytics tracking or conversion tracking.

Or if I'm using an external landing page for a product/package, I can have a automation push a Facebook/Tag manager conversion code through server API integration (Helps with IOS 14)

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I AGREE! I’d love for this to come out. Apart from the basic help of tagging and adding tracking codes, these would help us launch our affiliate program which has been held off unfortunately as Vendasta does not have a way for us to track conversions (unless I’m incorrect!).

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Being able to track conversions to Business App would be extremely useful. 

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@MarkSuter Hi Mark! I reached out via email but in case this is more visible for you, I wanted to let you know that we are investigating how we can best allow Channel Partners to track conversions right now and I'd love to have your feedback! 

Tracking Business App conversions could absolutely be useful and we'd like to hear in your own words what that might look like for your workflow.

If the email didn't work for you, please feel free to reach out via private message here on Conquer Local.

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Any update on this?