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Website Pro How do you resell web hosting?

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I am new to reselling Website Pro to my clients and I really am enjoying it – so are my clients! I’d love to get the discussion going on how you all resell it.

These are my tips so far:

  • bundling with my web development services
  • having a concrete support plan for my clients

What about you?

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I’ve been reselling web hosting with Vendasta for almost an entire year now & I agree, I’m really enjoying it. I have found that web hosting (with Website Pro) helps to retain my customers. I have had minimal churn in customers whose website I “own”.

My tips for reselling?

  • setting good margins; I want to make money off of every sale, but I also want to price in a range that allows me to be competitive in the market.
  • I also bundle my web design services with web hosting; this means I can increase the cost of some packages and not have it look like web hosting is incredibly expensive
  • using the right language; we work to write concisely and have the best copy for Website Pro, which will helps avoid any irrelevant explanations or any unnecessary information – Vendasta has great stuff on the product page
  • know your prospect; can’t stress this one enough! Before you hop on that call, make sure you know whether the prospect is a beginner or expert in the web hosting space. If they’re a beginner you’re going to want to start with the basics, but an expert might be offended if you start there
Sophie Kokott
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Awesome discussion going so far here! I would say that a lot of my tips are covered in the above comments, but I especially like @Ozzy.Humphrey how you brought up knowing your prospect and using the right language. We don’t want people to feel left out of the conversation as soon as it begins!

I would say my top reselling tips for Website Pro, or web hosting in general are:

Partner with the best:
You want to work with a host that you can trust and you know has good infrastructure and security (hint hint… like Vendasta’s Website Pro)

Set good margins:
If you’re going to resell it, you’ll need to make it worth your while. Healthy margins will help make reselling the main drive of recurring revenue.

Bundle your products and services:
You might already offer web design, development, or SEO services. Bundle these in with the web hosting and provide your clients with even more value.

Have a solid support plan:
When reselling, remember that your client considers you the host of their site. If their site is down or it’s moving at snail speed, they’ll be calling you. It’s important to have a plan and know how to get in contact with your host’s expert team.

Introduce easy-to-purchase add-ons:
There are plenty of other complementary services that you can upsell to your clients as well. Some of my favorites? Domain names and Email (bonus, we have both GoDaddy, GSuite, and Office365 in our marketplace)

Excited to hear what others are doing!

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Do your clients find website pro east to use?

Sophie Kokott
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Hey Daylyn,

With our new e-commerce solution making a website (on the same amazing infrastructure as Website Pro) can be incredibly easy. We’ve pre-installed the WooCommerce and Divi Builder plugins to make editing the site and setting up a store easy for everyone.

You can find out more here: