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Executive Report | WebSite Insights

Thomas Mueller
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In our industry (Hospitality and Tourism) it is very important to perfectly understand the so called source markets (where are people coming from) and the demographics and psychographics.

Google Analytics, Google Business and Google Search Console are providing very good insights in that perspective.

For our industry it would be crucial and very beneficial to have such details from GA, GSC, GMB shown in the executive report as well.

This becomes especially valuable as we are currently developing our insights from the immigration offices, the booking applications and feed that information into the platform to be shown in the executive report. Now our customers have a real 360° view for the entire customer journey from the very first search until they arrived in the destination/business.

We are now able to build correlation from search down to arrival and take source markets (countries), demographics etc. into consideration.

I can understand that this is not relevant for 90% of the local SMBs and therefore maybe not high on the list but it would be great if we could work closely together in that perspective.

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David Brunt
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I think this will help greatly when prospecting in this market to be able to show and present this information to the customer.

Erica Chessall
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Hey Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback on this! I can see why this is an important point for businesses in that industry. We don't have this in our roadmap, but I'm happy to pass it along to my team!