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Ep 336: Be the Trusted Local Expert | Master Sales Series

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336: Be the Trusted Local Expert | Master Sales Series

Help the SMBs get back to business by being the Trusted Local Expert. What does it look like to reopen and how to communicate it to the SMBs customer base?

@gleith is back to bring you another edition of the Master Sales Training Series. We discuss two things, first, being the trusted local expert; that’s you. Reviewing how you operate as an organization, is it making your appointments remotely? Is it reallocating your budget? How are you delivering value to your client? George explores what you should be talking to your customer base about, what really matters to them, and how can we – the trusted local experts – be there to help them succeed.

The second, are you open? Ensuring that once the SMB is open for business, they are able to communicate it to their clientele. The flip side to that, how are they communicating what they needed to scale back and possibly close their doors once again. How can we, as the trusted local expert’s aid in the communicate it in these unprecedented times?

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