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Did you know that SurviveCyber is the ONLY cyber product in the Vendasta Store?

Sarah Worthy
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That’s right, SurviveCyber’s is the only cyber product in the Vendasta App store! We are proud of that distinction and believe that the product provides Vendasta Partners with an amazing opportunity to provide its customers with an extremely valuable solution that can help protect them from cyber risk.

Cyber-criminals know that small businesses do not have the resources and technical expertise that larger, more technically sophisticated, companies have to defend themselves against cyber-attacks. SurviveCyber is the perfect add-on product to your existing portfolio of solutions. Today, small businesses are under attack by bad actors.

In 2021, we’ll be posting cybersecurity tips, recommendations on tools and expert advice that will help you protect your clients businesses from cyber-attacks and the associated financial risks. We'd love to hear from you about any cyber-related questions you have. Post them here!

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Peter Hargreaves
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Hi, I can't find it in the store, is it available in the UK?

Sarah Worthy
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Unfortunately, we're not available outside the US at this time. Our platform helps US small businesses comply with regulations that only apply to US-based businesses.

I'll let you know if/when we expand outside of the US.

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Although I am located in Canada I do have clients on both sides of the border. Is there a way I can add this to my store to offer my US Based cleints

Michael Cummings
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I was a subscriber of SurviveCyber until the original insurance coverage was dropped. This is what is currently listed on the Marketplace for Insurance:

CyberLock Defense is a one-of-a-kind cyber liability insurance policy, which offers: • Flexible policy limits ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000 • Full policy limits for incidents of cyber theft, social engineering, ransomware and more • No Sublimits • Business interruption expense and extra expense coverage • No application • Same day free quote

What level of insurance is covered under the SurviveCyber subscription? Just wondering because posting "Same day free quote" implies the insurance is not covered...


Sarah Worthy
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Hi Paul,

Great question!

By default, Vendasta only shows products to the Partner based on your own country. However, you can simply select a different country from country dropdown and then select and add the Survive Cyber product. From there, you and your US- based clients would have access to it while your Canadian-based clients won't be able to see it.

Sarah Worthy
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Hi Michael,

Great question! I agree it's a little confusing. When we first launched Survive Cyber, we did initially offer a standard cybersecurity policy as part of our membership package.

However, we no longer offer Cybersecurity insurance as an embedded feature of the product. Instead, we have partnered with the largest provider of cyber insurance in the country. They have designed solutions specifically for our small business community at affordable prices. We found that each company has different cyber insurance requirements and the ability to tailor a product specific to the needs of an organization makes more sense than a standard policy that's the same for each business.

At the core of our value proposition is helping companies become compliant with the cyber security information sharing act of 2015. We make it really simple for small businesses to do so.

The reason a company should care is that compliance brings unique legal protections should an organization become a victim of a cyber incident and is sued.

These legal protections are very powerful and can significantly reduce legal and financial risk. Survive Cyber can complement a cyber security insurance policy to create an unprecedented risk mitigation strategy or stand on its own to provide a business owner with peace of mind knowing that they have a tool to protect them from disruptive and costly litigation.

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I had the same question as Michael. In the past Survive Cyber offered 100k in coverage which was a huge selling point. I spoke to Patrick Talley of SurviveCyber and mentioned that in the Vendasta portal it still shows that 100k is a part of the offering. If we have this in our marketplace for sale and customers read about Survive Cyber they will see this content about 100k and this needs to be modified by someone.

Right now it shows:
Cyber Insurance Coverage - $100,000 of reimbursement coverage if you become a victim of a data breach while a SurviveCyber member.

*which to me it looks like this is included in the offering. There is an additional unknown expense in addition to the monthly fee.

So the package includes:
threat alerts
links to insurance providers
1 hr consultation
online resources
cyber community access
compliant because they have the info being shared via updates

So the company who purchases this has info to share with their internal team that they must implement. This does not cover any hardware protection for the business which they also should have.

How does Survive cyber know if the alerts to the customer have been implemented so that they are in compliance?

Does the customer have to purchase the insurance right after getting survive cyber in order to have their level of financial coverage? in the past when the 100k was included they were covered from day 1. How much time do they have to make the insurance coverage?

Do you have info on how much time in general it will take a business to get all of the recommended changes in place?

From Patrick Talley (Survive Cyber)

Hey Karen,

To try to clear up the confusion:

Survive Cyber does NOT offer insurance.

Survive Cyber does have a link on the Survive Cyber customer portal to our partner The Lockton Group (biggest insurer of cyber breaches).

Customers of Survive Cyber can acquire insurance from Lockton at a rate that Lockton will quote for a specific insurance amount the customer requests.

The confusion probably comes from the fact that last year Survive Cyber did indeed offer insurance for Survive Cyber customers.

The insurance company that had partnered with Survive Cyber dropped out of the cyber insurance business.

So to over communicate (as I definitely can see how it could be confusing given the history:

Survive Cyber no longer offers insurance for customers.

Survive Cyber used to offer insurance for customers.

The insurance company got out of the business.

The Lockton group, for Survive Cyber customers, offers cyber insurance tailored to the Survive Cyber customer's needs (there is a link on the survive cyber customer portal).

Sarah Worthy
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Hi Karen,

Thank you for adding to this. Patrick and I recently joined and are working on updating everything to reflect the new changes.

The real value behind the Survive Cyber platform is the suite of templates, training resources and compliance with CISA to benefit from their safe harbor protections. We make it easy for members to quickly become compliant and keep their employees training up-to-date to avoid cyber-attacks, and by maintaining compliance with CISA regulations, our members' businesses receive invaluable legal protections from civil liability suits.

We are incorporating your feedback as we update everything on Vendasta and I really appreciate your input on what is confusing!