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Reputation Management Best Review Response Strategies

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Looking to find out what everyone has found to be the best strategies for responding to reviews. Do you respond to negative reviews only or positive ones as well, and what do you say?

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Hey Lauren, glad you’re getting this conversation started. I’m also very curious to hear how people are strategizing review response.

My team responds to all reviews that come in for our clients. Obviously the strategy is different if my team is responding to positive or negative reviews; negative reviews are a little tougher. We try to address the complaint or issue while keeping the business in a positive light. Additionally, we respond with a way to communicate with the business that takes the conversation offline.

I’m interested if there are any tips or best practices I might be missing!

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Hey Lauren!

We always teach our clients to respond to both positive and negative reviews. For positive reviews, it helps to throw in a bit of marketing to the response and to invite the reviewer to come back to the business. For negative reviews, my best bit of feedback is to leave the business name out of the response. It can have a negative effect on SEO.

Stay healthy.