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Website Pro Adding Customer Engagement to website Pro - some ideas

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Hi All!,

Movylo ( is a service available via this great Vendasta platform and it helps SMBs to complete the customer journey.

We'd LOVE to have some feedback/support from this community, to see if you can see value in what we do and keep on improving! We have partners in 3 continents and thousands of users, but we strive every day to grow and improve.


Now, what is Movylo for?

Movylo is an automated customer engagement engine for SMBs that helps them achieve 2 goals:

  1. capture leads from multiple touchpoints (website, social, in-store, ...) and build a customer list
  2. automatically nurture this customer list, with marketing automation, to extract sales from it

You can think of it as a marketing office on AutoPilot, for businesses who don't have a marketing office..:)


What is the idea with Website Pro?

Movylo often is sold as the last part of the customer journey:

  1. you start by creating the digital presence for your business (GET FOUND), so a website and a social page
  2. you start driving traffic to those properties (FIND), so you do SEO, PPC, ...
  3. you must capture the leads, likes, traffic all this generates, build a customer list and then  convert it into real sales (STAY IN TOUCH/ENGAGE)> this is what Movylo does

The idea is that if you are selling Website Pro you could think about a plan like "Website Pro +" in which you can bundle a Movylo Express account (it's free of charge...) to help the business capture the traffic of the website and start converting it into sales. This will show more data and a higher ROI.


What do you think of the idea? Want to give it a try? Just go to the Vendasta App Directory and add Movylo and then...share with us your feedback!