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348: Adapt to Digital or Die, with Paul Plant

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If businesses don’t Adapt to Digital now, they may not be able to survive the long road ahead. The pandemic is the catalyst for businesses to make the switch to digital.

Listen here:

Conquer Local travels to London England so we can speak with Paul Plant, Co-Founder & Director at BigFive Digital. Paul is one of the co-authors of Aftershocks And Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future, it explores four core themes; Critical Shifts, Society and Social Policy, Government and Economy, and Business and Technology. In this episode, Paul and George dive into why organizations who were reluctant to adapt to Digital are trying to follow the small businesses blueprint to be agile and quick to act. Paul also makes a few predictions around the airline industry, Darwinism, and why South Africa will be the first country to phase out physical money and go completely digital.

Paul Plant is an experienced Strategic Marketeer, Digital Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, and Change Agent. He has been privileged to have worked with some of the world’s largest media and telecoms companies. His approach is to apply strategic market and customer insights, aligned to a strong commercial focus, to bring about sustainable and profitable change to companies of all sizes, regardless of industry or sector. BigFive Digital has been created to champion technology adoption within the local small business sector throughout Africa & The Middle East. They aim to provide meaningful news, networking, and business development partnership opportunities for the diverse range of media and technology companies delivering Search, Social, Mobile, Location, and Payment solutions to SMEs.