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New Features & Improvements - November 2020

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Hey Conquerers! We formally launched Conquer Local Academy in April of 2020, with the intention of providing our partners with the training, tools, and strategies that would empower them to grow their businesses. In just six short months, thanks to all of you, we've reached over 5,000 users from more than 30 countries, and that growth is accelerating every day. ?

We are grateful for all the feedback you have provided that helps us guide content development and improve the user experience.

The updates below outline the new features we've launched this month:

Synchronized completion of modules

Learners will now unlock the Mark Complete button automatically based on learning actions taken (such as completing all lessons or finishing a quiz). They will be unable to click the button without completing every component embedded with a module.

Improved quiz experience
Final quizzes at the end of courses are being updated to match a consistent, more user-friendly experience. Quizzes within modules will remain in the existing format.

Navigation improvements
Learners can navigate between multiple areas of Conquer Local Academy within a module (such as the Community and Groups).

Attachment icons
Quickly find a wealth of resources shared by other learners with new icons in the Community displaying links, videos, and images.

Online status
Keep the conversation going by seeing who was recently online in the Community and Groups.

Last author reply
Discussions will now display who last replied, including the time and number of replies in a post.

Topic starter Posted : 10/11/2020 10:41 am