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Automations Webhook API Confusion




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I seem to have misunderstood the new API Webhook feature in automations.

I'm trying to trigger a webhook when a new user is created, I'd like the webhook to shoot the person's info into an automation tool like Zapier to capture the webhook. However, it doesn't look like I have any control of what data is being sent over. Most important detail I need is user data (not account)


1. User is created

2. Automation triggered

3. send user info webhook to automation tool

4. automation tool sends it to where I'd like


Any work around for this?

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Hi Tim!

Currently, we only have the ability to specify the return parameters. However, we have in our roadmap to add the ability to change the body that we send in the API webhook action, which would allow you to send user info.


Let me know if you have any questions!

@Erica Chessall Hey Erica, thanks for the heads up!

Is there a public roadmap that we're able to see? It would really help give confidence on where the platform is going, regarding missing features I need.

Something like