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It would be great if there was one page that listed all videos where partners could replace certain or all videos with different videos. ie. Flowers by Jane is not relevant to our industry.

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Hi Rick,

I'm Thiago Neres, Product Marketing Manager for our Channel Partners division.

First of all, thank you for your feedback! I'll recommend our teams to diversify the businesses we portray in our videos. Could you give us suggestions of verticals that are more relevant?

By the way, I'd love to hear suggestions from other partners too 🙂

Regarding the other portion of your comment, we're aware that sometimes it's not easy to find all the sales collateral you need. We're working on ideas to make it easier for our channel partners to find the resources we have available for you.

In the past, we also discussed the ability to let our channel partners replace our default content (e.g: a video or screenshots on a product's page) with their own sales collateral. However, what we identified is that most of our partners don't want to spend time and money creating their own resources... They want us to give them better resources!

So we're working to raise the standards of our sales collateral too. In fact, we're hiring some people specifically for that purpose.

Hi Thiago!
I'm searching for the "Getting Started" video that once appeared on the Business Intelligence landing page. Any idea where I can find it? Or better yet, an email of it sent to would be awesome! If I'm not mistaken, it was a quick 3 or so minute video giving a simple, yet very accurate overview of the BI product while also explaining the benefits. I wanted to use it as part of my demo to prospects. If it's been removed, can you tell me where to find something similar?
Thank you in advance!



I agree with @Rick Maré I would love to see the ability to switch out the videos. One of my markets works exclusively with Mortgage Brokers, so I am creating my own tour videos to show them how to best use the tools for them. I would love to be able to implement them right into the dashboard in place of the other videos.



Having one place for all the videos would be great!


Re other verticals, professional service-businesses like accountants, lawyers etc would be good.



Agreed to both. The sales collateral needs an overhaul and the ability for channel partners to replace videos and other assets globally is a huge upgrade. 

We would love to replace screenshots and PDFs for products as well.