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My WishList for 2021




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My first wish was for #COVID to disappear....... Since that is not going to happen I am hoping that #teamvendasta will be able to make some of my wishes come true!

1) Sync between Shop and WooCommerce

(Important for areas where we cant take payment)

(Important because we can't optimise product for search in the shop)

(Important because we are now having to manually input orders to transfer them over)

2) Task Manager - Digital Agents can only see work that is allocated to them.

(Important to retain focus)

(Important to protect client privacy)

(Enable the use of external agents within the system at busy times!)

3) Task Manager - Ability to allocate Tasks to Client

(Manage review and feedback of design or sign-off within the process)

As wishes seem to only be granted in 3's I will stop there for now! ?



I Agree - Task Allocated To Clients is Important for Retention.