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Marketplace [Solved] Domains are not able to be purchased by clients




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Hi, I reported this to the support team but will outline it here also since it is important.

A new customer of mine was attempting to place an order from their Business Center for the product ("Domains"). They put in their card information and added it to the cart. After agreeing to terms and conditions, they attempted to click the checkout option. However, when they did, they received this error: "Missing order form, please retry.". They also were not asked to choose a domain. I had to manually do it from the partner center.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi Parth, yes unfortunately right now domains cannot be ordered directly by your customers. We released this product before it was possible for customers to purchase products themselves, and before our newly-released "non packaged" products in storefronts - and it requires a custom order form that hasn't been implemented in business app yet.

This is an oversight on my part, and until we can create the functionality required for your clients to order this product themselves, we shouldn't be allowing this product to show up in your storefronts. The real solution is going to take some time to implement, but I'll discuss it with the team to see if there's anything we can do this quarter to make things work as you'd expect.

Fortunately, domains (GoDaddy and whitelabeled) is the only product that behaves like this. Appreciate your patience as we figure this one out. I'm glad that you were able to find a workaround in this case and make the sale.

Thanks Levi! Really hoping that something can be done as domains are rather important.

I agree Parth! We want to make sure that your clients can easily order domains from you - it's just going to take us a bit of time to get this solution in place. Thanks again for your patience.



If it is of any use to anyone, I can offer an enom sub account for you to prefer and manage domains for your clients

Hey Russ, thanks! Would this be able to integrate into the Business Center at all? That's the break or make!

no, nothing to do with vendasta.
I use WHMCS to manage all my billing, clints, domains etc...
Vendasta is very clunky in comparison



I would really like to see ENOMs Reseller added into Vendasta. They have an API. WHMCS was mentioned above and I am moving from that into Vendasta to take advantage of all of the tools etc. That would be super helpful to incorporate a Domain system and also have the ability to allow clients to purchase domains and have them in their App. It would also allow for automation and invoicing when it is up for renewal each year. 

The ability to register, renewal, transfer in and out domains is important and have it all within their account.

I hope that the team is working on Domains within the system.



Thanks for the feedback! I've added your suggestion to our feedback system of record, which gets reviewed weekly. We are looking to add a number of new vendors this year, and I'm always interested in adding new domain providers - especially ones like ENOM (who do look like they have the APIs that we would need for a full integration.) The more requests like this one that we get for a specific vendor (or type of vendor), the easier it is to prioritize them higher. 

Happy to connect directly with you on this to dig into this further if you'd like, you can always schedule a quick call with me with this: