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Marketplace Feature Request: Setup fee for products with editions




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Hi, we offer website migration and hosting. I've built it out as a product with add-ons but it just doesn't look right in the store and is more confusing. It would also allow a client to purchase a migration without a hosting add-on.


It makes more sense to have a one-time migration fee of $XX with a monthly edition/subscription fee for hosting.

For added clarity, you lose the Setup Fee field once you turn on the Editions slider. Can you update it to leave that field active?

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Hi Dave, thank you for reaching out.  

We need to do some further investigation to be able to support setup fees on products with editions.  I don't have an ETA for you, but it is on our radar. 


Is it correct that you would be looking to offer something a Website Migration + Hosting product with, say, three editions (Small, Medium, Large amounts of web traffic). The setup fee would cover the migration. Your users could switch between hosting editions as their needs change, and would only be charged the migration setup fee on the initial purchase? 

@Devin Hyde that's exactly right. Also, the Billing Period section to support a 12-month commitment would be important.

@Devin Hyde is there any update or ETA on this?

@Devin Hyde or @RylanVendasta I ran into this issue with another product again today. Any time frame on adding a setup fee field to a product with a Fixed Pricing model and editions?