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Feature Request: Allow products to retain Editions AND Add-ons while still allowing multiple purhcases




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Currently when designing a product, you can allow the purchase of mulitple versions only if there are no add-ons and no editions.


However, it is very advantageous to allow multiple purchases for any edition. Need 5 accounts with access to the "beginner" level product? Done!

Also, add-ons are a bonus to any product, and allow the business to "walk the customer" over to a related and possibly essential companion. Retaining this ability to have Add-ons (even if only charged to the initial product offering) while still allowing multiple purchases is a win.

Bottom line: allowing multiple purchases regardless of other tweaks will be a help to sales more often than a hinderance.  

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Hi Andre, great suggestion! I believe that the restriction is in place because we currently don't have the infrastructure to associate addons with products when multiple products have been activated on the same account. Want to set up a call to have a quick chat about this issue this week? You can use this link to find some free time in my calendar.